SUPERIOR™ GAS CHLORINATOR Vacuum Regulator VR-1 | SUPERIOR™ Series 2000 Auto-Valve | VacuFeed™

Vacuum Regulator

CL-1 0 – 2 kg/hr Download
CLM-1 (with close-coupled) 0 – 2 kg/hr Download
CLM-2 5 kg/hr Download
CLM-2 (with close-coupled) 5 kg/hr Download
CL-5 10 kg/hr Download
CL-10 20 kg/hr Download
CL-20 40 kg/hr Download
CL-40 80 kg/hr Download
CL-60 120 kg/hr Download
CL-80 160 kg/hr Download
CL-100 200 kg/hr Download

Gas Chlorination Applications

A precision gas chlorinator is an essential component for many industrial, civil, and government applications. Without a safe (SUPERIOR gas chlorinators are vacuum safe - the safest form of chlorine injection), reliable gas chlorinator system, bacteria can overrun a system, resulting in equipment failures, unsanitary products, noxious odors and reduced profits. Due to these compounding issues, investing in a gas chlorination system is a smart and necessary purchase for many applications. Some of these applications include:

  • Improving taste, safety, and odor of drinking water
  • Cleaning industrial (F&B, Rubber Glove, etc.) process water and wastewater
  • Algae and slime control
  • Citrus canker destruction
  • Increasing shelf life of processed food
  • Sanitizing sewage
  • Dye waste treatment

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SUPERIOR™ Series 2000 Auto-Valve

AV-1 2 kg/hr Download
AV-2 5 kg/hr Download
AV-5 10 kg/hr Download
AV-10 20 kg/hr Download
AV-40 80 kg/hr Download
AV-60 120 kg/hr Download
AV-80 160 kg/hr Download
AV-100 200 kg/hr Download

Take Control Of Your System.

For use with all vacuum operated gas chlorinators & sulfonators AND VacuFeed Liquid Chemical Feed Systems. SUPERIOR AUTOVALVE is designed to give water and wastewater treatment facilities a true operator-friendly means of controlling the feed rate of chlorine or sulfur dioxide gas when treating varying water flow rates and/or residuals. Quick response times and a very rugged, powerful hi-torque DC stepper motor give unsurpassed accuracy and reliability. Using a simple to understand, menu-driven operator interface panel, the SUPERIOR AUTOVALVE can be installed in virtually any existing gas chlorination or sulfur dioxide system and be up and running in less than 30 minutes. Operators do not have to be instrument savvy, nor do they have to make any complicated calculations to set up or calibrate the AUTOVALVE. All that is required is a 4 to 20 milliamp signal from a water flow meter and/or residual analyzer, a 110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hertz power supply, and a gas chlorinator (or sulfonator).

The user-friendly menu system guides you through any calibration operation, although most installations will only require a minimum initial check to set maximum gas feed rates.


The Superior AutoValve is the only automatic gas control valve that has all three (3) control modes already built into the controller. There is no need to buy or install extra “modules” or “chips”.

Maximum feed rate capacities up to 10000 PPD (200 KG/HR) are available.

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In addition to Gas Chlorinators, SUPERIOR product line has Vacuum safeliquid chemical feed systems and system control.


VacuFeed™ Liquid Chemical Feed With AutoValve

Capacity: 20 – 40 – 100 – 200 – 420 l/hr



VacuFeed-X™ Liquid Chemical Feed

Capacity: 20 – 40 – 100 – 200 – 420 l/hr


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