Hazardous Gas Valve Shutoff Systems

Halogen offers a complete line of Actuator Control Systems that cover a variety of options to meet your needs. There are systems that close all valves simultaneously for the quickest response and more economical systems that close valves sequentially. There are Systems that provide a full range of information capabilities including programmable relays and output options for your SCADA or PLC systems as well as less costly systems that provide the minimum necessary alert response. The Duplex Model II system will operate two Eclipse actuators to close two valves simultaneously. The Hexacon Model II system can operate up to six Eclipse actuators and close them sequentially for both 150 lbs. cylinders and one-ton containers. The Gemini system that will operate up to two Terminator actuators is our lowest cost alternative for closing 150 lbs. cylinders sequentially.

Gemini Controller with Terminator Actuator
Hexacon controller with Eclipse Actuator (For one ton containers)
Eclipse Actuator
Terminal Actuator

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